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Dave and the Lilley Media Team delivered more than what they sold to me in the sales pitch. Since employing their services i've been inundated with messages and I've gone onto convert jobs over $30,000 in value.
I can't recommend the services highly enough if you're looking to get your business out there.

Landscaping - NSW
Landscaping - New South Wales

Before we started working with Luke at Lilley Media we were investing a lot of time and money into managing the ads ourselves, which resulted in cold leads (if any) and no growth for our business. Having Luke take over and manage this for us has resulted in a huge gain in brand awareness, growth and high quality leads – It’s almost hard to keep up with the Leads coming in!

Luke has been a key asset to our business during times where the rest of the industry was really struggling. He continues to help us with all of our social media and perfectly targeted ads as well as giving us excellent advice and support. We are looking forward to continuing our relationship with Luke and we could not recommend him more highly if we tried!

NZ Mortgage
Mortgage Broker - New Zealand
Realestate Agent - New Zealand

I would like to thank Luke and the Lilley Media team from the bottom of my heart!

I am from a small town in WA of around 10,000 people. I have only been doing real estate for just over 2 years, and halfway through this year I was struggling to grow my business.

I was doing ok but struggling to find the next level. Luke from Lilley media contacted me around 6 months ago and we began to chat about my expectations and what they could offer. I had a couple of zoom meetings with Luke to see what they had to offer, I gave them a go as what they offered ticked all my boxes. My business has grown astronomical!! 

Literally to the point, I can’t keep up! Luke delivered everything he promised plus more! We chat several times a week about what we are going to advertise and our marketing plans. Luke and Lilley Media have given me the tools to grow past anything I could have imagined in a very short period. I consider Luke a mate, a work/business partner, we have honest down to earth conversations around my work plans and he helps guide me in all areas of advertising and marketing.

If you're looking to grow and promote your brand then I can't recommend Luke and Lilley Media enough, they have given me the edge and knowledge over my competition and I am very thankful for everything they have given me!

Lilley Media could be the difference between being good and great!!

Realestate Agent - Australia

The expertise and support that the team at Lilley Media provide is invaluable. We have been working with Nathan and Luke for the better part of 7 months now and they have positively impacted our Real Estate business not just in leads, but in marketing, emotional support, and regular motivation. No job is ever too big or small and they are a huge asset that we promote in our listing appointments - Vendors love that we have the exclusive use of Lilley Media! In a world where marketing is everything, we know that we wouldn't be where we are at in our career without them. Thanks Nathan and Luke!

Polly & Kopare
Realestate Agents - New Zealand

I started with Lilley Media in November 2021. I was somewhat hesitant to start because it seemed like a big amount of money to spend on an unknown (to me anyway) company. However, I really liked that there was not a long-term contract so that I had the ability to stop at any time. Right away I was very impressed with how tech-savvy Peter was. He showed me a couple of things within the first few minutes of our first meeting that really impressed me. It took a couple of weeks to have the program ready to go but as soon as it went live I started getting leads. It was amazing! I got my first listing from it right away and have had steady listings since. About 2-3 per month. The best part is that many of the sellers have been upgrading so not only did I get the list side, I've also gotten the buy side! Not to mention the referrals that I've gotten from these newly acquired clients!

I've been a realtor for 16 years. I'm great with my sphere but I wanted to find a way to get in front of people that I didn't know. I've done the expensive coaching and tried marketing on my own without success and spending pointless money. This company did it for me! It truly added the pieces that I was missing. Peter and Nathan are amazing to work with. They're both very responsive and always great with brainstorming. They're always watching the numbers and changing the ads to what is working best in my market. The amount of leads that I get daily is insane. Of course, many don't go anywhere but a lot do! The main thing for me is that I'm actually getting great and real leads.

If you have any questions/doubts, please don't hesitate to contact me! I cannot say enough good things about this company and I HIGHLY recommend them.

Realestate Agent - USA

Having tried Facebook advertising in the past and getting loads of cold leads that never really went anywhere and taking up heaps of my time I was dubious about engaging Lilley Media's services. David seemed sharp and knew what he was talking about and was very aligned with the real estate industry about what agents need and want to grow their business. After a needs analysis we established it wasn’t branding exposure I required being an established agent but to generate more quality leads from genuine sellers that are not in my database. Basically, prospecting while I sleep. I believe in quality not quantity. Time is our most precious resource, and I don’t have the luxury of spare time chasing cold leads that go nowhere. I can honestly say I’m impressed, and the Facebook marketing and lead generation ads have generated some excellent leads within the first 30 days that have turned into listings. If you are sitting on the fence or have had a poor experience in the past I strongly recommend reaching out to the team at Lilley Media.

Realestate Agent - Australia

Using Lilley Media has changed how my business runs and operates for the better. Being an experienced agent who returned back to my home town I realised I needed help & investing into my real estate career because I had to start afresh.

The generation of quality leads, promotional material, targeted ads, advice, meetings and personal chats from the Lilley Media team has pushed me forward. The systems the Lilley Media team have set up and continue to manage are invaluable.

I look forward to over time it growing bigger.

Realestate Agent - New Zealand

Prior to Nathan and Lilley media we invested a lot of our own time money in energy creating our own ads with little traction or results. Nathan and his team have been invaluable not only to our own business but also for our clients. The instant traction, thoughtful custom campaigns and initiative have been fundamental in shaping our business. It’s no coincidence that we are on track for a record year. We are looking forward to continuing our relationship with Nathan and Lilley Media and would recommend him to anyone else searching for a comprehensive, strategic and passionate social media marketing company.

Realestate Agent - Australia

Nathan was really informative right from the start. The value he gives his students is insane. I saw really good results within the first month using the methods he taught me. 3 months down the line and I have quit my 9-5 job and am now doing marketing full time. I can't thank Nathan enough.


A huge thank you to Nathan at Lilley Media for the systems he has put in place for lead generation to obtain more appraisals and listings for our business.

The system works fantastically with great results & conversion to listings. I would highly recommend Nathan & his team at Lilley Media; thanks for everything.

Realestate Agent - Australia

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